Mission & Values

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RB88热博官网 www.cfwlf.com The mission of Soka University of America is to foster a steady stream of global citizens committed to living a contributive life.     - Daisaku Ikeda, Founder, SUA


Soka University is founded upon the Buddhist principles of peace, human rights and the sanctity of life.  The curriculum is non-sectarian. Educational objectives are fostered at the university through the commitment to rigorous academic endeavors, free and open dialogue, and an appreciation for human diversity. Education is an integrating process in which students gain an awareness of the interdependence of themselves, others and the environment. Wisdom, courage and compassion - values treasured by the university -- do not exist in isolation. They emerge in individuals as they learn the importance of service to others, to the natural world around them, and to the great cause of peace and freedom.

University Mottos

  • Be philosophers of a renaissance of life.
  • Be world citizens in solidarity for peace.
  • Be the pioneers of a global civilization.

University Principles

  • Foster leaders of culture in the community.
  • Foster leaders of humanism in society.
  • Foster leaders of pacifism in the world.
  • Foster leaders for the creative coexistence of nature and humanity.

Soka University of America (SUA) is an independent, non-profit, public-benefit, co-educational, comprehensive institution of higher learning.  Founded on the Buddhist principles of peace, human rights and the sanctity of life, SUA is open to students of all nationalities and beliefs and is committed to diversity in its academic community.

SUA has a proud heritage.  The SUA Graduate School opened in fall 1994 in Calabasas, CA. and the SUA campus in Aliso Viejo opened in fall 2001 to its first 120 freshmen students.  In 2007 the Graduate School was transferred to Aliso Viejo. Currently the university has about 450 students. The student-faculty ratio is 8 to 1.

SUA is founded on the belief that student-centered education is the best way to promote peace and human rights by fostering a global humanistic perspective on the world in which we live. The university prepares students for graduate studies and the world of work in an increasingly diverse and global society.

Classrooms are centers of dialogue and discussion, emphasizing seminar course settings. Students have many opportunities to work in small teams in the classroom and with faculty on research projects, as well as with peers in residence hall learning activities.  Advanced computing and networking capabilities are available in buildings and central outside gathering areas. All undergraduate students receive a laptop computer which is included intuition.   All undergraduates also study a non-native language and spend a semester of their junior year abroad in a country where that language is spoken.  Study abroad is included in tuition.

SUA currently offers a B.A. in Liberal Arts, with concentrations in Environmental Studies; Humanities; International Studies; and Social and Behavioral Sciences.  SUA also offers an MA in Educational Leadership and Societal Change.