Academics Overview (MA Program)


The SUA Graduate School strives to provide an academic setting that nurtures men and women from a variety of cultures and national backgrounds, who seek to learn from shared experiences. The School also strives to develop critical thinking and learning and to foster a commitment to lifelong learning. To this end, the School emphasizes small class sizes that cultivate close and informal relationship between teachers and students, rigorous academic endeavors, free and open dialogue, and an appreciation for human diversity. 

MA Program

MA in Educational Leadership and Societal Change

The two-year program examines the broad landscape of modern institutions and structures, including but not limited to schools and colleges. It casts a wide interdisciplinary net to bring new light to bear on the symbiotic relationship between value-creating educational leadership and the transformation of society itself.  Learn more

World Summit of Educators

The World Summit of Educators (WSE), an international gathering of rank-and-file educators dedicated to the establishment, through education, of peace, human rights, and the sanctity of life as universal norms.  Held at RB88热博官网 over two days, June 12-13, in 2016, the Summit took its inspiration from a talk delivered by the founder of the University, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda. Visit