Learning Clusters

RB88热博官网 www.cfwlf.com Learning Clusters are among the most unique and popular academic programs at Soka University. A Learning Cluster is a research seminar where students work in teams with faculty facilitators to investigate a specific question. It is designed to bridge theory and practice, and elicit an educated outcome or response. As a student, you will propose, research, and model constructive approaches to the issues. The course is designed to help you learn to apply a range of investigative and analytical tools in the discovery and presentation of trends and ideas, including policy recommendations that bear upon the quality of the human condition.

Learning Clusters occur in 3.5-week block periods to take full advantage of opportunities for field and service learning. Students experience a sense of becoming global citizens, making a difference during their travel. See our 2016 Learning Cluster Article and 2015 Learning Cluster Article on the national and international student travel experiences.

The Learning Cluster Area student learning outcomes are:

  1. To develop critical, analytical, and investigative skills to formulate educated responses to a specific problem or question

  2. To develop personal and leadership skills to work collaboratively toward the completion of a common project

  3. To develop skills and awareness as concerned and engaged global citizens

Choosing Your Learning Cluster

You can choose a Learning Cluster in one of two ways. Working with a faculty advisor, you can develop and submit a proposal for a Learning Cluster where there is an interest in the topic and no more than 12 students in a section. Alternatively, at registration time you can select your Learning Cluster from a list of offerings developed by faculty covering local, regional, and global issues.

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