Academic Affairs

RB88热博官网 Welcome to Soka University of America and the area of Academic Affairs.  The Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) serves as the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) of the university and is responsible for overseeing the university’s academic affairs including the university library, office of sponsored research and Registrar’s office. The Dean of Graduate School and Dean of Faculty report to the VPAA. In addition to his appointment as VPAA in 2015, Dr. Edward Feasel teaches in the undergraduate program as a Full Professor of Economics and served as SUA's Dean of Faculty from 2005-2017.


Edward M. Feasel, PhD

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Chief Academic Officer
Professor of Economics

Office Location:  Fourth Floor, Pauling Hall
Phone: 949-480-4133
FAX: 949-480-4246

Undergraduate Program

The Dean of Faculty is responsible for the overall management and leadership of the university’s undergraduate program, which offers a Bachelor’s degree program in Liberal Arts with concentrations in Environmental Studies, HumanitiesInternational Studies, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. The Dean of Faculty not only oversees these four concentrations, but also the university’s study abroad and international internships programwriting programlanguage and culture program, and creative arts program. Dr Bryan Penprase was appointed Dean of Faculty in 2017, joining SUA from Yale-NUS where he served as the Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning. The Dean of Faculty is assisted by  the Associate Dean of Faculty Dr. Michael Weiner, who previously served as SUA's Assistant Dean of Faculty from 2014-2017.

Bryan Penprase

Bryan E. Penprase, PhD

Dean of Faculty
Professor of Science

Phone: 949-480-4184
FAX: 949-480-4263

Bryan Penprase

Michael Weiner, PhD

Associate Dean of Faculty
Director of Faculty Research and Development
Professor of East Asian History & International Studies

Phone: 949-480-4337
FAX: 949-480-4263 

Graduate Program 

The Dean of the Graduate School oversees the university’s master’s degree program, the University Bridge Program, which is a college preparatory ESL program, and the English Language Program for Soka Women’s College students.  Dr. Takahashi has served as the Dean of the Graduate School since 1994.  She also serves as the Vice President for Institutional Research and Assessment, overseeing the university accreditation and assessment activities. As the Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Takahashi works closely with the Director of the MA in Educational Leadership and Societal Change. Dr. John M. Heffron was appointed MA Program Director in 2014.

Tomoko Takahashi Tomoko Takahashi, PhD, EdD, LHD
VP for Institutional Research
and Assessment &
Dean of Graduate School
Professor of Linguistics and Education

Office Location:  First Floor, Ikeda Library
Phone: 949-480-4047
FAX: 949-480-4062
Jay Heffron

John M. Heffron, PhD

Director of the MA Program in Educational Leadership and Societal Change
Professor of Educational History and Culture

Phone: 949-480-4028
FAX: 949-480-4243