About Student Activities

Involvement • Leadership • Student Development 

RB88热博官网 www.cfwlf.com The Office of Student Activities in concert with the mission of Soka University of America, serves to provide opportunities of involvement to inspire students to become active members of the campus and the community.

Understanding that students at Soka University of America look for ways to connect their experiences in and out of the classroom, we create an environment that empowers students to learn and grow, making connections within the university with friends, peers, faculty and staff. Working in collaboration with other departments, Student Activities offers a wide array of educational, cultural, service learning, social and recreational programming that foster student learning and development.

The Office of Student Activities is located within Student Affairs on the 3rd floor of the Ikeda Library - the place where many campus-wide events including multicultural activities and other diversity-focused programs, special lectures, and meetings occur. Student groups also host organization meetings, create advertising materials for events and connect with Student Activities staff to discuss matters related to a student organization or event.  The Office of Student Activities also works collaboratively with student organizations and departments across campus to provide events for the student body and also coordinates off-campus performing arts excursions to theaters for musicals and theatrical performances, sporting events and the popular Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trip.

Studies have shown that the enhancement of students' collegiate experience is based upon their involvement in campus life. Students at SUA have many opportunities to play active roles in all aspects of university life. Students will find a variety of activities to get involved in, such as student clubs and organizations, participation in the Soka Student Union and organizing local community activities. There are numerous advantages to participating in activities, such as building communication and leadership skills, teamwork, networking, engaging in out-of-class practical learning experiences, and fostering friendships.

In conjunction with Soka Student Union, the Office of Student Activities connects students with their interests by introducing them to 40 broadly focused student organizations ranging from the arts, club sports, literary/journalism, cultural, environmental and politics.

Student Activities student learning outcomes are:


  • To develop awareness and understanding of local/ regional/global issues
  • To recognize the importance of social responsibility
  • To use their leadership to participate in the building and support of community, through service

Student Development

  • To develop foundational skills and attitudes critical for life-long learning


  • To develop their cultural competency by identifying their individual biases, embracing human diversity, and valuing differences