Student Services

Welcome to Student Services

RB88热博官网 The mission of Student Services is to provide high quality support services and resources to students so they can realize their academic, personal and professional goals. To accomplish this mission, Student Services aim to care for our students as whole people, support them in times of need, and engage them in ways that inspire and mentor them.

Following are departments and support services within Student Services and their main goals and functions:

  • Counseling: The goal of Counseling is to enhance the quality of student life by supporting the emotional and psychological well-being of students. Our counselor offers assistance to help students "sort out" many issues such as establishing and maintaining relationships; coping with anxiety and depression; adjusting to changing roles as young adults; family of origin issues; dealing with losses; meeting new academic demands' adjusting to life in the U.S. and much more.

  • Disability Services: The goal of Disability Services is to ensure all students receive equal educational opportunity including those students with learning, physical/medical, and psychological/psychiatric disabilities. SUA seeks to promote meaningful access to educational opportunities for all students.  For information about SUA's disability policy and disability-related services, please contact Brian Durick, Director of Student Services and Disability Services, at (949) 480-4018.

  • Health Services: The goal of Health Services is to provide high-quality health care services including preventative services, treatment of health issues, appropriate referrals and promotion of educated decisions regarding students' physical health. The clinic is staffed by a California licensed medical practitioner from South Coast Medical Group (SCMG). We use SCMG Urgent Care for after-hour/weekend services. 

  • Dining Services: Partnering with Bon Appétit, the goal of Dining Services is to provide a unique style of restaurant quality food service, offering a variety of menus including international cuisine while aiming to strengthen our regional food systems so that everyone in our communities can eat well not just today, but for the future. 
  • SUA Bookstore: The goal of SUA Bookstore is to support academic programs via timely and accurate ordering and receipt of textbooks as well as offer University's insignia merchandise and residence hall accessories and supplies through excellent customer service. The SUA bookstore can be reached by calling (949) 480-4360.

  • Shuttle Services: A free off-campus shuttle service is available for students who do not have their own transportation. The shuttle route regularly stops at local shopping centers, restaurants, and movie theaters. For any questions, please email


Student Services student learning outcomes are:

  • To enhance their personal health and wellness
  • To take career steps through self-assessment, training, and/or experiential learning